Breitenfeldt Workshops

The Breitenfeldt Group is here to educate and advise on many different insurance options for seniors.  Please check out our local meetings calendar for the event nearest your location.

Roadmap to Medicare Meetings

Preparing for Social Security and Medicare can be an anxious time and many people would appreciate a little guidance.

  • How and when do I enroll?
  • What about Medicare Supplements in Minnesota?
  • When should I start collecting Social Security benefits?
  • How does my coverage through work/spouse’s work affect my Medicare?
  • What is the penalty for delaying Medicare Part B enrollment?
  • Do I have enough funds to retire?
  • Do I need a prescription plan?
  • Do I have enough coverage? Not enough?

The “Roadmap to Medicare and Social Security” educational workshops presented by The Breitenfeldt Group offer an easy to understand, no-pressure opportunity for you to learn some basics and, more importantly, get your “to do” list and timeline started.

With a short group presentation and the opportunity to discuss your personal situation with an experienced agent, “Roadmap to Medicare and Social Security” may be your key to mapping your way through this important transition.  This is an educational event with no sales and there is no charge for this service. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to a professional about your situation.

Blue Cross Prepare for Medicare Meetings

Join us for a free meeting to learn about Original Medicare, your plan choices and the differences among plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota to Medicare beneficiaries.  There’s no cost to attend and no obligation to enroll.

Medica Medicare Workshops

You’re invited to learn about Original Medicare, the parts of Medicare and the range of affordable Medicare plan options offered by Medica.  Our workshops help people new to Medicare understand their Medicare options.  There’s no cost to attend and no obligation to enroll.