Personal Service, Expert Staff, Comprehensive Choices

The Breitenfeldt Group is a statewide Health Insurance Brokerage for Minnesota. We are a team of independent agents and customer service experts who specialize in Medicare health plans, prescription drug plans, and individual/family health insurance.

Our team will work with you to provide a high quality experience that begins with selecting the plan that best suits your situation, and continuing to serve you over the years as your needs may change.

We understand that procuring the right health care coverage for yourself or your family can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Do you qualify for subsidies? How do those work? Are there fines involved? What if you don’t buy enough insurance? These and countless other questions we can help you find the answers to. With countless years of experience in the health care brokerage field, our staff of financial advisors is available to walk you through the process at no cost to you.

We will help you to select the right package for your family so that you can rest assured your insurance is in place should something happen to you or a loved one.

The Breitenfeldt Group provides you:

  • Comprehensive plan choices to fit your individual needs.
  • Multiple office locations around the state.
  • Expert, experienced agents.
  • Free services. There is never a fee to you.
  • Our commitment to service after you enroll.
  • Large, professional staff.
  • Annual review of coverage.
  • Extra services, including help with making Social Security decisions.

Our Mission…

To make a difference by committing to an ongoing culture of kindness, collaboration, and mentorship to better serve each other and our valued clients.

If you have questions regarding Medicare, social security, or any other financial issues, we encourage you to contact us. We can help you get the information you need.


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